All plants need a good base to start growing. And that base is a high-quality soil with all the right ingredients. The soil in which the plant grows is like the food container from where the plant gets her delicious nutrients. It is important to keep the soil fresh, so a good place to contain the earth is important. In this Categorie, we have our selection of products to help you get the best soils and accessories to create a perfect base for your plants.

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Soils / Substrates

Atami Janeco Lightmix

DG80000221 9,50

BAC lava soil – 40L

DG54400094 12,90

BioBizz All-Mix

20046 9,6018,90

BioBizz Lightmix

20057 6,909,50

BioGreen Batmix – 50L

DG53841962 15,60

BioGreen Coco Mix – 50L

DG53841960 12,70

BioGreen Grow Mix (with Perlite) – 50L

DG53841958 14,50

BioGreen Light Mix – 50L

DG53841966 12,00 9,00

Canna Aqua clay pebbles – 45L

DG54400010 16,95

Canna Coco Plus – 50L

DG52562036 15,50

Canna Coco Slab

DG55000113 6,50

CANNA Terra Professional

20052 7,7011,50

Canna Terra Professional Plus 50L

DG55000288 22,00

Expanded Clay Aggregate – 10L

DG54400009 4,85
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