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Biogreen X-Force

X Force is a spore fertiliser enriched by silicic acid in a form that can be assimilated by plants with a positive effect on their growth, robustness and resilience.

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It is recommended to add extra silicates in those places where fungi could invade the plant. This creates a barrier against further infections.

Boron and Silicates are involved in plant’s energy transfer, while Zinc and Molybdene, also contained in X-Force, provide plants a better uptake of nutrients.

X-Force Silicium benefits

X-Force boosts chlorophyll, responsible for photosynthesys, what provides plants the necessary energy.l

Reduce Sodium uptake and lowers salt stress.

Increase Potassium uptake.

Reduce damage caused by insects and fungi.

Stimulates the formation of hair roots.

Protects against abiotic stress: Drought (UV) radiation and large temperature fluctuation.

Dose tips for X-Force

Add 15 ml of X-Force per 100 liters of water (0,15 ml/l).

X-Force should be added first (before any other fertilizer or booster) to nutrient solution.

It is recommended to use X-Force Silicium combined with X-Rooting to improve trace elements uptake.

Volume (liter)

0,50 (L)