Superthrive 960 Ml

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In stock

Super Thrive has been known since 1940 for being a complete vitamin now with Kelp seaweed extract. With this product you will have a healthier roots and a much stronger structure to support the weight of the buds.

It can be used in all phases of cultivation and combine it with any fertilizer. You can use this product with complete peace of mind, since with it you will not over-fertilize your plants while you do not exceed 4 ml. per liter of water.

If you notice that your plants have some stress symptom, you can recover them with Super Thrive and you will notice the results very quickly. If you use this product for damaged plants, you can apply it by spraying so that it reaches all the parts, stimulating the good functioning of the internal processes.

Dosage and method of use:
Add to irrigation water 0.25 ml per liter of water, it can be used during all phases of cultivation.

It can be applied by dissolving 0.25 ml per liter of water and spraying it above and below the leaves.

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