Supergrower Dehumidifier – 20 L

Professional portable dehumidifier, with a capacity to eliminate humidity of 20 liters per day and a 6.5 liter capacity tank.

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Portable professional dehumidifier, with a capacity of elimination of humidity of 20 liters per day and a tank of 6.5 liters of capacity.

Maintaining a high humidity in growth and low in flowering is key to have a healthy and productive crop.

Avoid mold, mildew and dry your harvest with this dehumidifier for large crops thanks to its dehumidifying capacity.

Model with adjustable hygrostat, automatic humidity control, full tank light indicator, washable water filter and LED display.

Technical characteristics:

Power supply: 220 ~ 240V / 50Hz.
Dehumidification capacity: 20L (30ºC RH80%).
12L (27 ° C RH60%).
Power: 320W 1.6A.
Air volume: 160m3 / h.
Deposit capacity: 6.5L.
Noise level: 50dB (A).
Operating temperature: 5 ~ 35ºC.
Refrigerant: R134A.
Net weight: 12.8 kg.
Product size: 385 × 2902 × 595 mm.
Certification: CE, GS.

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