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Aptus Start booster

Available in 50ml and 5L.

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Composition of Startbooster

Startbooster consists of several active components that provide vitality to the root system and improve the growth of plants.

  • Humic acids
  • Amino acids
  • Fulvic acids
  • Organic nitrogen
  • Specific biomass

Aptus points out that this is the only product on the market with beneficial bacteria for the plant protecting the root system of any unwanted bacterial infections.

Tips and use of Startbooster

Startbooster is totally compatible with NPK fertilisers but also can be used with substrates rich in nutrients.

  • It can be used well into the second week of flowering just before you see the first flowers.
  • It is an organic product so that in automatic irrigation systems it will be essential to use salt cleaners to prevent the obstruction of the droppers.
  • It should be mixed as the last component in the nutrient solution once controlled the EC level.
  • To improve absorption and directly stimulate the root system, introduce the roots in a solution made of 10ml x liter of water.

Clean the nutrient tank at least once a week, organic products can leave attached traces of residues.

Volume (liter)

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