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Stop Grow is an innovative spray product that, as well as stimulating and accelerating the flowering period, will stop them from growing and induce a much faster flowering period. It’s perfect for large indoor plants.

This product allows you to have much more control over your plants’ height. As soon as they begin to absorb it, they’ll stop growing and will begin transitioning to the flowering period. You’ll be able to control indoor plants’ height so that you don’t have to bend over backwards to get them to flower in a specific shape. Shorter plants mean that you can fit more, too, and they’ll grow much thicker buds.

It’s sprayed in small amounts, without fully soaking the leaves because you want to try and keep it as far away from your plants roots as possible and it may drip down.

Dosage and how to use Stop grow by Pro XL:

6ml per liter of water.

Lightly spray your plants – small, repetitive sprays without wetting the soil or any other kind of substrate. Use every 3-5 days until it noticeably stops growing.

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