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Drip Irrigation Sprayer – Rayjet

The Ray Jet Spray Pen provides a steady flow of water over the entire area. The RayJet Spray Pen is particularly suited to use in larger pots, containers or soil.

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The Rayjet sproeipen is the solution to a uniform watering over the entire surface of all loose substrates. Under all circumstances an even spray pattern remains visible. Irrigation of larger pots, containers, organic crops and soil.

Important features  
Uniform distribution of water over the surface of the substrates, one for each dimension bucket or container;
The robust sproeipen can easily be plugged straight into the substrate;
Minimal clogging opportunity, even in recirculation systems;
No haze formation during watering;
Low pressure of 0.8 bar is required, therefore suitable standard valve sections; Minimal differences between watering;
The horizontal connection drip tube remains short to ground causing the danger of cutting and pulling practically no longer occurs.

Models and types  
The sproeipen is manufactured from a black PP and with the Rayjet assembled. The automated production is a high reliability and quality guaranteed. The sproeipen has a unique built-in security mechanism (vortex) to limit. Clogging to a minimum, The vortex mechanism and the nozzle mouth together provide uniform and continuous irrigation without fog forming. The feed water is distributed through a 12-number of water jets out of the nozzle mouth, over the entire surface.

The sproeipen is totally 21.5 cm high, the distance from the nozzle mouth up to the point of the sproeipen is 19 cm. Because of the penetration pin deeper stabbing in the substrate is the surface which is sprayed becomes smaller, with this height adjustment, the adjustable irrigable surface. (See Table 1) by the conical press-fit connection on the pin and in the right-angle connector, the assembly is easy and foolproof.

The horizontal connection is formed with an external conical screw thread. We recommend for a proper fitting threaded connection in the PE tube, heating with hot water of 40 ° C ±. Hose ends prior This causes the installation much easier.

Nominal watering: 18 l/h at 0.8 bar pressure
Working range: 0.8 to 2.5 bar
Working pressure: 0.8 bar