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Metrop Root+ is a root system stimulator formulated with plant extracts of high quality, that contain all amino-acids and vitamins needed for root growing in any growing medium.

Advantages of using this product

This product is capable of giving your plants the ability to absorb many more nutrients, so you’ll need to increase the amount of nutrients you feed them within order to avoid NPK deficiencies. We recommend using minimum doses when grown indoors as it causes your plants to grow quite large.

The ingredients in this formula are designed to be absorbed and easily dissolved, so it can be used in automatic watering systems and in any sort of substrate including hydroponics and aeroponics, as well as soil and coco coir.

How to use Root+

We recommend alternating between water and nutrient solutions when watering so that you don’t end up over-fertilizing and accumulating salts in the substrate. This could cause blockage in your roots, causing your plants to stop feeding.

Add to your nutrient solution in every irrigation from the first day.


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