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Metrop MR1 is a biological fertilizer for growth, made with plant’s extract, of high quality, with all micronutrients and macronutrients required for growing stage and pre-flowering stage in any growing medium.

Due to the high concentration of minerals present in MR1, it is recommended to use it with low PPM water, because combined with high PPM water can derive in plants overdose.

Potassium content is enough for early flowering and plant strenght

Phosphorus content is enough for an explosive growth of roots.

MR1 guarantees enough content of Magnesium for an optimal synthesis of chlorophyll an proteins.

MR-1 does not contain colouring agents, and it’s not dilluted in water, so only contains raw materials.

How to use MR1

In hard substrates add a mix 1x-3x times per week.

In soft substrates, or hydroponics, add a mix in every irrigation.


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