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Lumii Solar 315W CDM (LEC)

+ Bulb 315W CDM/LEC

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Lumii Solar 315W CDM + Bulb

The Lumii Solar 315W CDM / LEC is a complete unit that supplies its own power into a Ceramic Discharge Metal Halide lamp (CDM / LEC). This lighting from the Lumii Solar 315W gives your plants the best possible spectrum of light with less use of power.

Lumii Solar 315W details:

  • Short circuit protection microcontroller
  • Used for supplementary and autonomous lighting
  • Extremely high PAR levels
  • Suitable for all CDM 315W bulbs

Set contains 315W CDM Bulb

CDM or CMH a.k.a “LEC”

Save energie

Save up to 50% in power use using a CDM instead of an HPS bulb system.


2X more light hours

Get twice the time with using a CDM, CMH, LEC light versus an HPS bulb.





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Lighting Kit LEC 315W

380,00 169,00