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Lighting Kit LEC 315W

The light this set produces is a very important component for lighting greenhouses or small and medium-sized indoor growing areas.

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Lighting kit LEC

In this exclusive offer we present the LEC lighting. A new technology that facilitates magnificent results. With this 315W kit you will get the same or even better results than using 600W sodium equipment, but at the same time reducing energy consumption and heat in your grow shop.

Omega CDM 315W bulb

The Omega 315W bulb is suitable for both the growth phase and the flowering phase and a shelf life of approx. 3 or 4 crops. The light spectrum is much richer than that provided by sodium and halide lamps. In addition, it combines especially red and blue tones, the colours of which the plants feed the most.

Omega CDM 315W Balast

The ballast of the Omega range, of its latest technology. Specifically designed for use with LEC, CMH 315w lamps.

Stuco 47×47 cm reflector

A basic aluminum stuco reflector with a rough reflective surface with a ceramic cap for Lec bulbs, which refracts the light homogeneously on the illuminated surface.


This set includes a connection for the bulb and reflector.

CDM or CMH a.k.a “LEC”

Save energy

Save up to 50% in power use using a CDM instead of an HPS bulb system.


2X more light hours

Get twice the time with using a CDM, CMH, LEC light versus an HPS bulb.

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Omega 315W kit

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