Indoor Light Kit – 600W

An exclusive kit of economic lighting with components chosen by our Dutch Green specialists.
The kit is perfect to start growing in a small to medium indoor space.

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Indoor growing light kit

Omega HPS 600W

The Omega brand bulb, one of the best on the market. Designed to optimize the lighting of our indoor crop and have a better use of energy. At the same time providing a lasting use with a design that allows having a reduction of the heat without affecting the useful life of the bulb.


Stucco  47×47 cm

An economical aluminium stucco reflector with a rough reflective surface that refracts light homogeneously on the illuminated surface. A reflector more used in the indoor cultivation.


Newlite 600W open

A ballast from the Newlite brand, simple and perfect for lighting with HPS High-Pressure Sodium lamps or HM Halogenuro Metal. A very important component of lighting greenhouses or small and medium-sized indoor growing areas.



Montage instructions: 

Fit / Connect the open ballast correctly


*Cables not included

Weight 3 kg

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