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Hy-Pro Terra is a basic nutrient with which we will achieve a good development of the plants both in the period of growth and in flowering. You just have to go beyond the dose and supplement with Root Stimulator from Hy-Pro.

This is a high quality service and is designed to be used in an automatic irrigation system without danger that gets it will get clogged in the ducts.

A very concentrated product for which it is recommended to be aware of the EC and the pH of the irrigation mix so as not to feed the plants. It is possible to alternate irrigation only with water to minimize the consequences of mineral sales in the roots.

Dosage and instructions for use
Use 5 ml per liter during the entire culture phase.
Always check that the Ec, which does not exceed 2.2 when the plant is most needed, and that the pH remains at ideal levels, its ideal values ​​are from 5.5 to 6.5.
NPK 2-5-5

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