Hy-Pro Roots Stimulator

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Hy-Pro Root Stimulator is a powerful stimulator for the roots of plants that improves your health and accelerates vegetative growth. You will notice how your plants accelerate processes, assimilate more nutrients and ask for much more water. Large plants will be made faster and we could pass them to a bloom much earlier.

This is a database of the North Atlantic development of a radius system of plants, which are similar to the amounts of fertilizers. The whole plant will experience explosive growth.

With the root stimulator, your plants will trade excessively to absorb nutrients better than applications. Adding Rootstimulator to our irrigation water, we will be at our disposal a mixture of micro-elements that will make your roots multiply and make a good root system, able to eat what we throw them.

Dosage and use:

Add 5ml per liter of water and move the mixture well.
You can combine it with growth and flowering fertilizers. It applies to a couple of weeks at the beginning of each phase and every time we transplant.


NPK 0-0-1

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500 ml

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