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Ph down by Hy-Pro is a product that contains nitric acid, allowing you to increase acidity in your nutrient solution so that your plants can properly absorb all of the nutrients that they need. This product is used after mixing your nutrients into water.

You’ll need a pH meter, chemical or electronic, in order to find out the precise pH in your nutrient solution; if this level is above 6.5, add in a couple of drops and shake well. Let it sit and measure the pH again. If necessary, repeat these steps until the nutrient mix has the right ph.

In hydroponic and aeroponic grows, we recommend keeping this parameter well under control; you’ll need to adjust it depending on your plants’ phase.

Dosage and how to use pH- by Hy-Pro:

After preparing your nutrient solution and testing its EC, you’ll need to measure the pH.
If it’s too high, add a couple of drops and mix well.
Let it sit for a while and then measure the pH again.
Repeat the process until the pH is at the right level.
5.5-6.8 is the right pH range for cannabis plants, varying depending on the phase.

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