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Propagator – 52 x 42 x 24 cm

For Growth Kit “root sponges” (38x24x18.5cm) incl propagator (bucket, tray and lid), 24 root sponges, first feed, cuttings gel, scalpel and manual “optimal results with cuttings and seed”

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The lid and the tray of the great Root! T propagator not only offer great value, with its lightweight design they are also multifunctional.

The lid of the great Root! T-propagator has two vents for humidity control. The entire cover can be used as a large hood when you let off the cutting grow independently. The tray of the large Root! T-propagator fits in an SBS-tray (Cultilène / Grodan / Jiffy) or can be used with loose growth means, such as a seed tray or curing tray.