Extractor Rvk 150 E2-L 720m3/h

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In stock

The Extractor RVK Sileo E2-L 150MM 720M3 / H of Systemair is silent, powerful and very economical. It is a centrifugal extractor very compact and of small dimensions, ideal for grow tents in which a good extraction of air is needed.

The RVK Sileo E2-L 150MM 720M3 / H Extractor from Systemair has a polyamide shell and 15% fiberglass that offer maximum resistance and a very low sound level compared to others with similar characteristics. It has a support to install it comfortably in the ceiling or the wall, because it can work in any position. The single-phase induction motor with start capacitor and ball bearings of the extractors of the E2-L series are more efficient and more powerful than those of the E2 series, and can also install a potentiometer or Fan-Controller to control its speed.

Mouth: 150 mm
Maximum extraction capacity: 720 m3 / h
Voltage: 230 V
Frequency: 50 Hz
Power: 109 W
Current: 0.48 A
RPM : 2527
Maximum sound level: 44.8 dB
Length: 230 cm
Width: 340.5 cm
Weight: 3.2 kilos

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