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Newlite LEC CMH 630W System (incl Bulb)

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The Newlite 630 Watt CMH lighting system offers double ended bulbs capable of delivering high power with vastly reduced energy consumption. These lighting sytems save up to 50% energy when compared with conventional HPS or MH lighting systems.

The CMH or LEC systems have some of the best illumination spectrums available on the market,  offering spectral effects ranging from ultraviolet to infrared.This translates to faster growth and more explosive flowering.

This system is sold with a 4200K Newlite bulb, ideal for growing large plants in a greenhouse or growing room. Double-ended bulbs have a lower thermal index and a higher PAR efficiency compared to conventional PGZX18 or E40 bulbs.

NewLite 630W CMH System info:

  • Spectrum: 4200K
  • Dimensions: 560x225x144 mm
  • Weight : 5.5 Kg

630 W



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