Dutch Green Seeds – White Widow Auto

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We present to you our new DUTCH GREEN Seedbank.

White Widow Auto is a magnificent small plant of a compact structure that grows with great vigor and whose flowering period is short. It produces dense buds covered by a good layer of resin.

White Widow Auto adapts very well to small indoor and outdoor spaces, allowing discrete cultivation thanks to its small size. It is a plant that appreciates dry, warm and sunny climates as well as the pleasant atmosphere of a greenhouse.

White Widow Autoflowering produces a fruity, floral and fresh aroma, while its flavor contains citrus notes, bittersweet and fresh flowers. Its effect is powerful, soothing and relaxing, invites you to enjoy a pleasant and lasting rest.

65% Indica – 35% Sativa
Flowering period: 75-80 days
Indoor production: 30-70 g / m
Outdoor production: 40-160 g / plant
Height: 50-110 cm
THC: 9% -12%
CBD: Low

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